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Dreamers often fail to materialize their dreams not because they have limited resources but because they do not explore and use best options to make best use of what they have. This happens mostly due to two reasons. First, inadequate efforts to widen awareness beyond “I know mind set” and ignorance towards the essence of safety, comfort and beauty of their homes. Second, narrowness of ethical conducts mainly caused by attaching value merely to money largely not knowing that money was created by us for our comfort not otherwise.
Hence, Ethicons has realized to stress on the essential ingredients of a dream home: safety, comfort and beauty.

SAFE home ensures security to the family who builds that home, and also to their future generations including their tenants. Recent Earthquakes have taught us in many ways. It has been widely accepted that the losses incurred are mainly caused by the structural failure of man-made constructions. Building a safe home means minimizing such losses and providing safety to lives and property for generations. Therefore, the citizen’s responsibility matters towards creating safe homes for people they love and care.

COMFORTABLE home makes the family more productive and active. For example, an appealing kitchen attracts every family member to group-work and be engaged in chores. A spacious living room opens the avenues for family entertainments and creativities. This all helps to bring up better children, better citizens, better politicians, and in turn a competitive and honest Government. A competitive Government means acceptable national development and efficient spending of our tax money to make our public utilities better. An honest Government means zero tolerance to corruption.

BEAUTIFUL home is always a dream of every family. It is a pride for not only the family but also for family’s relatives, and in turn for the whole country. In the long term, a beautiful home may turn into a human heritage as well. Antonio Gaudi’s creations are some examples to mention.

Ethicons helps its customers protect and make best use of their investments in making SAFECOMFORTABLE and BEAUTIFUL homes, hotels, public buildings and civil structures.