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Ethicons is an acronym for ETHIcal CONStruction (नैतिक निर्माण). So the foundation of our business is profound ETHICS (नैतिकता). The spirit of Ethicons is to adhere to ethical values and norms in business. “सत्यमेव जयते (truth prevails)” is the Ethicons driving force.

Ethicons is committed to zero tolerance to corruption. Ethicons does not support any illegitimate activities, illegal constructions, economical and/or unsafe construction attitudes, and refrains from all types of fraudulent business practices. Ethicons delivers what it commits and treats all customers with the same approach, dignity and equal respect.

Ethicons strictly adheres to engineering codes of conduct, the Nepal Building Codes, Rules and Regulations of Municipalities and all other prevailing laws and bylaws of the country. Ethicons has “no price discrimination” policy. The prices of known products are fixed by the Board of Directors based on the cost of efforts, market trends, and taxes. Customized product prices are derived based on relevant parameters on project-to-project basis and approved by the BoDs. Ethicons refrains itself from any unethical practices in bidding.

Ethicons is a VAT registered entity. It firmly believes in transparent transactions. Cash transactions are discouraged.